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Roza and Smudge waiting their turn at SCCS
(photo Jenny Macro)


Je Suis Charlie

After Crufts party Saluki style
Ken and Rosa


Kasaque R Frankel day dreaming at Midland Counties



Luzhana at nearly age 11


The Kasaque air traffic controller Roza
Photo: P. Kekalainen

Roza, not just another pretty face


Roza winning PGB at Bournemouth Championship Show
thanks to judge Mrs Liz Cartledge.
Photo by Kathy Webb


Kasaque Obidiah wins his 2nd CC at Three Counties Champ Show
Thanks to breed specialist Carol Seymour


The gorgeous Odetta at SCCS


Paloma at Southern Counties Champ Show


Sydney Pickering hiding in a field of rape


A lovely day out at Bath Championship Show
No CCs but a fun day out visiting with friends


Frankel winning Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Puppy at SGHC Open Show 2013


Seffie with her catch ready for the pot
in her beautiful Scottish home.  Why would
 any want to be any other place?


Kasaque Paloma

Kasaque Paloma
Photo: Pirkko Kekalainen

Rosa and Hamad at BBQ and Arabian Show


Obdiah at SCCS with Heidi winning 2nd in Open Dog
(Photos by Annette Buckley)



Introducing Rosa ( Raissa)
Int Ch Rostam Al Badadia and Ch Kasaque Miracle


Flying Oliver


Our Holiday in beautiful Scotland


Odetta, Jarvah and Neeka in morning mist.
Photo: P. Kekalainen

Best Puppy in Show at SGHC Championship Show 
Kasaque Phelene ( her first show) owned by Kasaque,
presented by Charlotte Steel.  Thanks to judges David Perkins (breed)  and BIS judge Paul Shimmin.  


Congratulations to Neeka on gaining her English title
with thanks to judge Nicola Quadling


Dog World top Saluki 2011/half year
We proudly announce that Kasaque has won the following Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club points trophies for 2011:
The Hama of Ruritania Trophy for top Bitch: thanks to Ch Kasaque Miracle
The Ch kumasi KommondanTrophy for Top winning Smooth Saluki:
1st Kasaque Odetta, 2nd Kasaque Orlando
3rd Ch Caspians L'aliq avec Kasaque
The Saluq Trophy for Brood Bitch whose direct progeny won the most points in all classes at Championship Show
Ch Caspians L'aliq avec Kasaque

A great day at 3 Counties
Ch Kasaque Miracle BCC, BOB & Group 4
Kasaque Newark (owned by Caroline & Ray Pickering)
DCC.  Handled by Adele Walton-Haddon
Thanks to judge Marion Finney


Rafe with Suzie at Crufts 2011


Jenny, Steve & Laura Macro's Ola ( red) and Pilgrim  (grey)
mouthing off


Paignton Championship Show
Phyllida Cooke's Kasaque Lydia RCC
Kasaque Odetta Best Puppy
judge Mary Parker


Kasaque Nacomis (Jada)
Wins Reserve Best in Show Smooth at
Finnish Saluki Club Show 2010


Oliver at 6 months




Laura & Ola


Salukis truly enjoying the worst weather the UK has seen for 20 years.  They are loving every moment of the snow and artic like conditions


Snoopy at Saluki of the Year Show, Germany


True beauty never fades
Kasaque Jarvah wins RBIS at Saluki Club Open Show
and Best Veteran in Show


Kasaque Nappanu is now a
German Junior Champion.
Congratulations to owners
Gunter and Jutta Kolewe,
New Champion Caspians
L'aliq avec Kasaque!!!! 
First new smooth champion
in the UK for 11 years.  
Horray Lalique we knew you
could do it!!  Thanks to
judges Kevin Carter,
Norman Ziman and
Liz Stephen.

Its official Miracle is Top Saluki Puppy for 2008

  Her father Ch Nefisa Samr is Top Sire


Michael and dogs out for a winter's stroll Christchurch 2008


Chris (Australia) with Sana and Vaga on a camping weekend.


Enjoying the bluebell
with Sana and Neka


Lalique wins Best Smooth in Show
at SGHC Open Show


Kasaque Oliver adds another title, He is now an Luxembourg Champion.  Well done Oliver and his owner Jutta Kolewe
New photos on News page. 
Congratulations to Ch Kasaque Oliver
(owner Jutta Kolewe)
CACIB Wieselburg/AT on the 9th May 2015
Working Class Ex1 CACA
He is now an Austrian Champions
Northern Saluki Club Championship Show 2015
Judge Mrs Karin Hedberg
1st Minor Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog: Steve & Jenny Macro's Kasaque Shabaz Nefisa
2nd Minor Puppy Dog:  Emma Darby and ourselves: El Hamrah Mansur of Kasaque
4th Puppy Dog: El Hamrah Mansur of Kasaque
3rd Limit Dog: Marie Bryce-Smith's  Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk
2nd Veteran Dog: Caroline & Ray Pickering's Kasaque Newark
1st Minor Puppy Bitch: Kasaque Salaama
3rd Graduate Bitch; Kasaque Raissa
3rd Post Graduate Bitch: David Hartley's Kasaque Ozea
Congratulations to Kasaque Oliver winning CACL at Luxembourg on 28th March 2015. Well done Jutta and Oliver

28 February Happy 11th Birthday day to Ch Caspians L'aliq avec Kasaque (Smooth) 1st March Happy 11th Birthday to: Ch Kasaque Luzhana, Ch Kasaque Lydia, Kasaque Layla of Darquell

We love winter puppies!

Happy 2nd Birthday
21st January to 
Roza and her brothers

Congratulations to Marie Bryce-Smith's Kasaque Ra Frankel on winning the RCC at Manchester Champ Show,  Judging was breed specialist Anne MacDonald

Happy 12th Birthday to "K" litter born on 11th January

Happy 7th Birthday to the beautiful "M" Litter on 8th January
Navajo, Nacomis, Nashua, Neeka, Newark, Neepawa, Neka, Nappanu, Niagra

LKA 2014
14 December 2014
Judge Nicola Quadling
 1st Post Grad Dog
K. Frankel of Saruk
4th Limit Dog
K. Newark
3rd Post Grad Bitch
Kasaque Raissa
Happy Birthday to Kasaque Oooos
(31st Octobers)
Happy Birthday to Kasaque Ps
(26th Octobers)
See 'News' for results from the Midland Counties!
Kasaque S litter born, more info under 'Litters'.
City of Birmingham Championship
29th August 2014
Judge Shirley Rawlings
1st PGB Kasaque Raissa (Roza)
1st LB Kasaque Paloma
Welsh Kennel Club
15th Aug 2014
Judge Ms Viv Phillipa
1st PGD & RDCC
Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk
Bournemouth Championship Show
9th August 2014
Judge Mrs Liz Cartledge
1st PG Dogs and Reserve CC
 K. Ra Frankel of Saruk
4th Limit Dog K Niagra
3rd Open Dog K. Obidiah
1st PG Bitch K Raissa
Hound Association
2nd August 2014
Judge Mrs Denise Garratt
1st SY Dog K Ra Frankel of Saruk
East of England Championship Show
6th July 2914
Judge Mrs Diana Allan
1st Junior Dog K Ra Frankel of Saruk
Windsor Championship Show
26th June 2014.
Judge Mrs Ann Birrell
2nd Junior Dog K Ra Frankel of Saruk
1st Open Dog K. Obidiah
Three Counties Championship Show
(Judge Carol Seymour)
1st JD K. Ra Frankel of Saruk
1st OD, DCC K Obidiah
1st JB K Raissa
Poor Paloma had to retire because she was lame due to a cut pad on her foot.
Southern Counties Championship Show
(Judge Sade Hohteri)
1st JD K. Ra Frankel of Saruk of Saruk
VHC LD K. Obidiah
2nd LB K. Paloma 
Birmingham National Dog Show
(Judge Pam Marston-Pollock)
3rd LD K. Newark 
Northern Saluki Club
(Judge Helen Graham)
2nd PGD K. Omar
4th K Newark
1st JB K. Raissa
1st NB K. Raissa
2nd OB Ch K. Miracle
Hound Association of Scotland
(Judge Joanne Mahon)
1st JD K. Ra Frankel of Saruk
Crufts 2014
(Judge Mrs Elaine Stanmore)
1st PD K. Ra Frankel of Saruk of Saruk
2nd PD K. Ra Rashid
2nd JD K. Ra Rashid
1st PGD K. Omar
3rd PB K. Raissa
SGHC Limited Show
(JUdge Maya Monk Schenk)
1st JB K. Raissa
1st OP & RBIS K. Paloma
Kasaque 2014

Happy 10th Birthday to 
Lalique, Lydia, Luzhana and Layla

Happy First Birthday to the Rs

8th January

Happy Birthday Kasaque "Ns"
Now you are 6 years old

Due to a few technical hitches results for 2014 have not been published.  All has now been resolved 

October was a busy month here at Kasaque with birthdays for the
Kasaque Os and Kasaque Ps
Lalique sends her best wishes to the Os and Luzhana to the Ps. 

Best Puppy Dog and 
Reserve Best Dog
K. Frankel owned by Marie
& Nick Bryce Smith
Thanks to judge Liz McKnight

2nd Puppy Bitch K Raissa
1st Limit Bitch K Paloma
Thanks to judge Maggie Holder

Richmond Championship Show
(judge Cathy Smith (Australia)
1st Limit Bitch Kasaque Paloma
1st Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy
K. Raissa (Rosa)

South East Hound Club
Judge Dave Cavill

Best  Puppy K. Raissa

City of Birmingham Show
(judge Nick Bryce-smith) 
2nd Limit Dog Kasaque Newark owned by Caroline & Ray Pickering

Welsh Kennel Club

Judge Mrs O Preece
1st PG Dog Jackson-Main's
Kasaque Omar

SGHC Championship Show 
at the Saluki Classic 
(90th Anniversay Show)
1st Minor Puppy Dog & BPIS
Marie Bryce Smiths 
Kasaque Ra Frankel of Saruk
1st Post Graduate Dog 
Kasaque Omar 
owned by Anji & Peter Jackson-Main
4th Kasaque Palmiro Nefisa owned by the Macros
1st Mid Limit Dog Kasaque Niagra owned by Maya Monk Schenk
4th Limit Dog Kasque Newark owned by Caroling & Ray Pickering
1st Minor Puppy Bitch & RBPIS 
Kasaque Raissa
Owned by the Macros 
and the Williams
2nd Mid Limit Bitch Kasaque Paloma
2nd Open Bitch Ch Kasaque Miracle
See news for photos
On 29.06.2013 at the 
International Dog Show  Genk/BE
Judge: Mr Cristophe Coppel/FR
Kasaque Oliver 
won CAC & ResCACIB and
fulfilled the conditions for Belgium Champion

Kasaque Nappanu aka Snoopy

 and Kasaque Oliver

are keeping the family flags flying high on the Continent

16.06. 2013
Rifferswil /Swiss
Judge Mr. Bouček/CZ 

Kasaque Nappanu
got Ex 1 CAC and fulfilled the conditions for Swiss Champion
Kasaque Oliver got Ex 2 Reserve CAC (moved up to a CAC)

01.06.2013 Klagenfurt/Austria Ex 1 CACA
Snoopy finished his Austrian Champion title
02.06.2013 Klagenfurt/Austria Ex 1 CACA
01.06.2013 Klagenfurt/Austria Ex 1 CACA
02.06.2013 Klagenfurt/Austria Ex 1 CACA

Please see News for photos of Puppy party held on 2nd June 2013

Kasaque Oliver wins his 2nd CC 
at the Belgium Sighthound Show.  
Thanks to judge Mrs Lisa Hudson. 

Snoopy wins Working dog class at Belgium Sighthound show and

The new FCI title (since July 2012) C.I.B.P = Champion International de Beauté et Performance
was confirmed by the FCI. Snoopy is the first German Saluki dog get confirmed.


On behalf of Miracle we would like to announce the arrival of the R zzzzzzzs.  Congratulations to Miracle and the proud father Rostam

8th January 2013

Happy Birthday Kasaque


South Wales 

 Judge Mrs Shirley Rawlings

1st Post Grad Bitch -K. Phelene

2nd Open Bitch & RCC - K Miracle

June was a great month for the          Kasaque Smooths

K. Nacomis owned by Pirkko Kekalainen and Kirsti Peitsara (Finland) won the CC and Reserve Best Bitch at the Finnish Saluki Club.  Judge David Miller

K. Obidiah won his first CC at Windsor Championship Show. Judge was Kathy Webb.  Obidiah is owned by Connie & Lottie De Souza and Heidi Woodgate.  

In Germay K Oliver owned by Jutta Kolewe finished the German Champion VDH.  He then went to Belgium Saluki Specialty and won Open Smooth male class and CAC under judge David Perkins

Crufts 2012

Miracle wins res CC!

Luzhana, Palmiro Nefisa and Phelene win their classes!

Please see news.


Manchester Championship Show

Miracle wins BCC,BOB for her 10th CC

Ray & Caroline Pickering's

Kasaque Newark wins RDCC

Phelene wins junior bitch and Paloma

is third in Junior class. All are qualified for Crufts 2013

Thank you Colin Ashmore



At the International Coursing in Landstuhl/Germany on October 29
CH Kasaque Nappanu was placed 1st and finished the
German Champion for Beauty and Performance
 Kasaque Oliver was placed 6th over 24 dogs.

SGHC Championship Show

Please see News

City of Birmingham Show

Judge Mr Keith Thornton

BCC Miracle

BP Kasaque Paloma

Welsh Kennel Club

Ch Kasaque Miracle Wins CC, BOB

Thanks to Pam Marston-Pollock

Kasaque Oliver owned by Jutta Kolewe

Nationale VDH Show Leipzig, 21.08.2011
Judge: Mr Dr. Arnold / D
Intermediate Class, 15–24 months    
Ex 1, CAC, BOS

He now has to wait until Mai 2012 to gain the last VDH-Challenge Certificate to become
"German Champion VDH" and wait until
August 2012 to gain the last CAC to become "German Champion".

CACIB Show Bremen, 30.07.2011
Judge: Mr Coppens / NL
Intermediate Class, 15–24 months

Nationale VDH Show Bremen, 31.07.2011
Judge: Mr Gerritzen / NL
Intermediate Class, 15–24 months    
Ex 1, CAC

3- Counties Championship Show

judge Mrs Marion Finney

Miracle BOB & Group 4

1st PG & DCC Kasaque Newark

1st Limit Bitch Kasaque Neeka

2nd Puppy Bitch Kasaque Paloma

4th PGD Kasaque Niagra

  SKC   2011

          Judge: Mr Mark Cocozza

      BCC/BOB Ch Kasaque Miracle

        1st PB/BP Kasaque Paloma

    Crufts 2011

judge Diana Allan

1st Junior Dog Kasaque Obidiah (s)

3rd Junior Bitch Kasaque Ola Nefisa

4th Junior Bitch Kasaque Oza

3rd Veteran Bitch Ch Caspians L'Aliq Avec Kasaque

4th Open Bitch Ch Kasaque Miracle

5th Open Bitch Ch Kasaque Lydia

CC, BOB Cranstal Quintessence

(sire: Ch K. Jimna Sh CM)

Manchester Championship 2011

Kasaque Miracle gained her 3rd CC

She has now qualified for her Championship

Thanks to Dr Ron James

Happy Birthday to Kasaque "K"s who will be 8 years old on the 11th Jan.

Happy Birthday to Kasaque "N"s who were 3 years old on 8th Jan

LKA BCC to Kasaque Lydia owned & exhibited by Phyllida Cooke (see News)

She is now a Champion thanks to Clair Chryssolor

Miracle wins CC, BOB at Driffield

thanks to judge Paul Singleton

Lovely Lydia wins CC & BOB at

Bournemouth Championship Show

many thanks to judge Kathy Webb

(See News)

Hound Association

Judge Mrs Denise Rogers

CC, BOB Kasaque Neeka

Bournemouth Championship Show

(See news) 

Windsor Championship Show

Congratulations to Nefisa Jeevun

 DCC BOB to gain his title

see News




Kasaque Oliver goes BEST Puppy In Show (News)

11th June to 13th June 2010 see News for

 a great weekend for the Kasaque "N"s


Southern Counties Championship Show

(See news)

Bath Championship Show 2010

(see results on News)


    Congratulations To Christina Stevens and Kasaque Neepawa on gaining her Austrailian Championship.  More later in News

Northern Saluki Club Championship Show

Judge: Sue Rabey Wilkinson (see news)

Hound Association of Scotland

Judge: Eleanor  Bothwell        

  RCC  Maya Monk -Schenk's                Kasaque Niagra

SGHC Limited Show 2010

Judge Barbara Henry

Best in Show Kasaque Miracle

Best of Opposite Kasaque Niagra

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Mrs Daphne Tovey on Tuesday 16th March 2010.  She died with great dignity with her family around her.  Daphne was our dearest friend and co-owned three Salukis with us.  They are Ch Kasaque Jimna SHCM, Darquell Salah-Addin and Kasaque Neeka.  Jimna and  Salah-Addin resided with Daphne and were a great comfort to her during her illness.  Our thoughts at this time are with her husband, Nick, son Peter and daughter Fenella.

The funeral service is to be held on Wednesday 24th March at 3:30pm at St Andrew's Church, Sandon, post code CM2 7SH. 


Luzhana wins RCC at Crufts

Oos have arrived please see "litters" Page
Well done to Nefisa Jeevun ShCM on winning his 2nd CC at
Midland Counties Championship Show
Special News on our Future page
2009 Trophies for the SGHC
Ch Kasaque Luzhana JW is winner of The Hama of Ruritania Trophy for bitches scoring most points in Open Classes at Championship Show
Kasaque Miracle is winner of The Ishieya Laa Yadaani Trophy for the Saluki under 12 month old winning the post points in Puppy Classes at Championship Shows
Darquell Salah-Addin (co owned with Daphne Tovey and Rosemary Redfern) is winner of Saluki under 18 months old winning the most points in all classes at Championship Shows
Miracle wins RCC at Southern Counties
Crufts 2009
Judge Mrs Z. Thorn Andrews
2nd Puppy Dog Kasaque Newark
5th Puppy Dog Kasaque Niagra
3rd Veteran Dog Ch Kasaque Jimna ShCM
1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Kasaque Neeka
2nd Puppy Bitch Kasaque Nashua
2nd Junior Bitch Kasaque Miracle
(see photos on News)
Judge Mrs P. Kendall
1st. Puppy Bitch, Kasaque Neeka
2nd Puppy Bitch Kasaque Nashua
1st Junior bitch, Kasaque Miracle
3rd Open Bitch, Caspians L'aliq avec Kasaque
(critique now available under News)
 Jyväskylä INT, Finland, judge Mrs Karin Hedberg
Jada (Kasaque Nacomis) wins Best Junior, Res CC and BB4
photo on News page
Richmond Championship Show
Kasaque Lydia (Phyllida Cooke)
wins Bitch CC, Best of Breed
Hound Group 4
photo and write-up on now
Southeastern Hound Club
judge Dr R James
Best Puppy Kasaque Miracle
City of Birmingham Championship Show
judge Mrs Jill Knight Messenger
Reserve Challange Certificate Ch K. Luzhana JW
Best Puppy K. Miracle
Bournemouth Championship Show
judge David Graham
1st Puppy & Best Puppy Kasaque Nashua
Paignton Championship Show
judge Dr Monica Boggia-Black
1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Kasaque Miracle
Hound Association
judge Jenny Macro
1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Kasaque Miracle
RCC Ch Kasaque Luzhana JW
South Wales Championship Show
judge Peter Yardley
1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Kasaque Miracle
East of England Championship Show
Judge Denise Rogers
1st Puppy Dog Kasaque Niagra
1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Kasaque Neeka
5th July is Indendepence Day for Sana
She is released from Quarantine in Australia
Please read her sad story in the Breed Notes
SGHC Open Show 2008
judges Dogs, Mark Cocozza
Bitches, Martin green
Best Puppy in Show Kasque Miracle
Best Smooth Caspians L'aliq avec Kasaque
(see photos on news page)
Southern Counties
judge Diane Allan
Miracle wins Best Puppy
(see Photo on news page)
Scottish Kennel Club
Judge Mr Norman Ziman
BCC Caspians L'aliq avec Kasaque
for her second CC
RBCC Ch Kasaque Luzhana JW
Best Puppy Kasaque Miracle (see news & Litters for new photos)
1st Junior dog Darquell Salah-Addin (see news for new photos)
Northern Saluki Club
Judge Mrs Clair Chryssolor
Best Veteran in Show (co-owned with Nick & Daphne Tovey)
Ch Kasaque Jimna ShCM
Caspians L'aliq avec Kasaque
Best Puppy in Show
Kasaque Miracle
For Mrs.Roberts' critiques see "News" 
Champion Kasaque Luzhana JW wins RCC Bitch
Champion Kasaque Jimna ShCM(co owned with Nick & Daphne Tovey)
wins Veteran Dog
Shadiin wins 4th Puppy Dog and sister Samira
wins 3rd Puppy Bitch
Bedu Effendi (co owned with Jutta Hotz-Kolewe) wins
2nd Limit Dog
Shadiin win BPIS at SGHC Limit Show
thank you to Vicky-ann Tompkin.
  Please see Zazou
Kasaque "M" litter arrives see litters
Luzhana wins CC
NSC Championship Show 2007
Lalique wins CC
SGHC Limit Show 2007
Lalique (fawn smooth) wins BIS
Our new import Ruwach ZaZou wins Junior Dog
New German Champion
Kasaque Khepri FDH!!!!
New  English Champions
SGHC Championship Show
Mrs June Minns'  Sufeina Phantom JW
Kasaque Luzhana JW wins 3rd CC@
City of Birmingham
East of England Championship Show 2006
South Wales Championship Show
Southern Counties Championship Show
Crufts 2006
Manchester Championship Show 2006
and Critique
Richmond Championship Show and Critique
City of Birmingham and Critique
New Australian Champion Kasaque Kaenra
Luzhana gains her final points for her
 Junior Warrant
and earns a KC Stud Book number at 17 months
Paignton & District Fanciers Assoc
South Wales Kennel Association
Windsor Championship Show
Three Counties Championship Dog Show
Results from Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club Open Show
 Photos & Results from Southern Counties 
 WELKS & Birmingham National.


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